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9 Fashion And Beauty Items Every Girl Needs

9 Fashion And Beauty Items Every Girl Needs There are certain pieces every self-respecting fashionista can’t do without. We all differ on the details, but when it comes to those wardrobe and beauty bag staples, some items are just necessities. Make sure you have these 9 things to keep your style game on point.   […]

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5 Unique Clothing Brands You Didn’t Know Exist

The biggest struggle when it comes to shopping today is finding a piece of clothing that nobody else has. Today’s high street doesn’t offer much choice, and with so many large clothing companies cutting through the industry, selling virtually the same clothes in every store, finding your own identity that hasn’t been taken can be […]

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Looks like Kangana Ranaut has started a love affair with saris and we aren’t complaining

We have said this earlier, and we can’t say it enough – Kangana Ranaut has a great sense of style. Over the last few days, the actress has been busy putting her best foot forward for Rangoon promotions and nailing every look too. We especially love the look where she was seen stepping out in […]

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How to cut your morning make-up routine down to 8 minutes flat

Make up legend Mary Greenwell says 8 products and 8 minutes are all you need in the morning  CREDIT: REX  Katy Young, beauty director 15 NOVEMBER 2016 • 6:38PM How long did you spend on your make-up this morning? Maybe 10 to 20 minutes before you rushed out of the house, or perhaps you used the daily commute […]

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Karan Singh Grover’s style file

  I am currently busy with My two amazing passions – art and music. I write lyrics and compose songs, and recently recorded a song. I am also into abstract and ink pen art. Fashion to me is Ever changing. As a person, I am Reserved yet easy going. My style mantra Be yourself and […]

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When you decide to go bald and handsome

  Is maintaining a bald-look the new fashion statement amongmen now? Even if that is not agreed upon by everyone, it’s time for at least those who think they are fast losing their hair to consider it to maintain their baldlook in style. After all, we have many celebs who rock their bald look. Here’s […]

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Try this cheesy new manicure style

WHAT IT IS: A nail-art trend in which people are getting manicures to make their talons look like Swiss cheese. HOW IT STARTED: It all started when a Japanese food site created a video showing people how to get a cheese manicure. Since then, people have been trying to replicate the look or get their […]

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Grey Ombré is the hottest hair colour of the season

WHAT IT IS: A new hair-colour trend that combines grey hair and ombre hues. HOW IT STARTED: It’s a combination of Granny Hair, which celebs like Kylie Jennerand Rihanna have sported, and ombre shades, which was also a hot trend some time ago. HOW IT’S DONE: You need to have your hair colour go from […]

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Sayani Gupta shares her style file

  Sayani Gupta shares her style file (Sayani Gupta’s Official Facebook Page) “Fashion blunders? What’s that?,” says Sayani Gupta. Fashion to me is: Very personal. A word that describes me best:Quirky. As a person, I am: Warm, unpredictable, blunt and instinctive. My sense of style: Fun, classy, quirky. 5 essentials of a woman’s wardrobe: Great […]

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Kendall Jenner Has Left Paris Fashion Week Early After Sister Kim’s Terrifying Robbery

While Paris Fashion Week conjures many connotations—the end of a month-long fashion marathon; trend-making, beautiful design—they do not usually include heist and fear. But that’s what, horribly, Kim Kardashian is now dealing with, following herrobbery at gunpoint in which masked thieves reportedly stole nearly $11 million worth of the reality star’s jewelry. Obviously, Kim has […]