9 Fashion And Beauty Items Every Girl Needs

There are certain pieces every self-respecting fashionista can’t do without. We all differ on the details, but when it comes to those wardrobe and beauty bag staples, some items are just necessities. Make sure you have these 9 things to keep your style game on point.


  1. A bag for all occasions. Handbag trends come and go, but certain styles last a lifetime. When it comes to everyday bags, a simple but classic leather bag can never go wrong. Make sure you pick a bag that’s sturdy but stylish. When it comes to formal events, you’ll need something that’s easy to match with a range of gowns. Look at clutch bags online and find a purse that chic enough to pair with your favourite eveningwear.
  2. The perfect pair of jeans. Shopping for denim is tough, particularly if your body type doesn’t quite match the usual cuts. Despite the hassle, finding a pair that fit your body like a glove is well worth the search. Opt for a slim fitting pair in a dark shade – they transition effortlessly from day to night and should make you feel confident 100% of the time.
  3. The little black dress. The LBD never goes out of style for a reason. Find one that suits your personal style, whether that’s slightly more jazzed up or clean and simple. Add accessories for a splash of character, and throw on sky-high heels to dress it up after work.
  4. Cover-all BB cream. Your makeup should be a multi-tasker, just like you. Use a BB cream that covers up imperfections and evens your skin tone without the heavy feel of foundation – it’s perfect for staying pretty in the summer months when you don’t fancy a full face of makeup.
  5. Cosy opaque tights. A warm pair of tights can get you through the chilliest of winters in style. They’re also super-slimming and comfortable, allowing you to rock your summer dresses all year round without feeling the cold.
  6. A sophisticated trench coat. You don’t need to splash out on Burberry to look old-school cool in a trench. There are plenty of great high street shops that offer their own take on the classic trend. The trench coat is ideal for awkward seasonal transitions, and can be worn over any outfit without looking out of place.
  7. The right lipstick shade. The best lipstick colour will vary depending on your skin tone and the type of look you’re going for, but every woman needs that one lipstick that she can slick on everyday for instant confidence. Ask the beauty counter assistant at your local department store to guide you.
  8. A tailored black blazer. A blazer that’s tailored to fit your body will look fashion-forward and cool, not office-frumpy. Wear yours over a striped shirt and skinny jeans for a Kate Moss feel, or throw it over a sundress for an interesting twist. Make sure it tapers in at the waist to accentuate your curves rather than drowning your figure.
  9. Dry shampoo. Nobody can be polished and put-together all the time, but there are certain products that’ll make you look like you are. Keep a dry shampoo in your bag for those post-gym fix-ups and rushed mornings to work so your hair looks soft and manageable every day of the week.