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How to Take Clenbuterol to Lose Weight 6 Steps to STAY SAFE

There are ways in which if the user consumes Clen then he can avoid all possible side effects and receive the great results from Clen. There is no standard dose which can be defined. This depends on the individual. The dose will be decided on the basis of his response to the drug in terms of burning.

As the use moves forward, the dose must be increased gradually. Experts can define the general beginning dose and the maximum dose which can be reached for Clen. But based on the individual and type of cycle they are following gradual increase in dose must be decided.

When it comes to fat loss both men and women can effectively use Clen. If taken improperly, clen can result in adverese effects. That is both men and women must use this drug as per instruction.
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Clenbuterol dosage for Beginners:

Irrespective of the experience whether the user is a beginner or experienced one the starting dose of the clen is same for all. For men 40 mcg a day is considered as the starting dose. For women who supplement with this bronchodilator must follow 20 mcg a day. Learn more about how to use it safely.

Both these doses are considered very mild and safe. Irrespective of the form of Clen used whether it is liquid or pill it is better to consume it early morning. Otherwise one can also take it before their workout. One may experience issues with sleep if Clen is taken later in the day.

Maximum Safe Clenbuterol Dosage:

With regard to safety measures one must stick to the maximum dose of the Clen and should not cross it in any situation. 140 mcg a day is the max possible dose for men. For women it is 100 mcg a day. If a user consumes more than this, then he or she may experience tremors or shakes along with this he may also experience other adverse effects. In some cases women can go beyond 100 mcg and maximum they can consume 140 mcg a day. But in most cases it is not necessary and can result in side effects.

With long term use and crossing the max limit of Clen dosage can result in cardiac hypertrophy. In this condition there may be enlargement of ventricles which results in producing lot of strain and stress on heart. It is always better to avoid overdose which can result in serious health issues.

Clenbuterol Cutting Cycle:

Clen is considered as a beta-2 adrenergic agonist. This is nothing but Clen binds to a certain type of receptors and through this it stimulates the nervous system. In the body there are many feedback loops which can avoid over stimulation of beta-2 receptors. This is the reason there is a high chance of development of tolerance with Clen usage.

Based on the cycle which is followed one must increase the dose accordingly. This will help in clen’s continued effect on the body. Among all, 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off is the best suited cycle for clen.