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Saizen Injection Instructions – how to use it Safely

Saizen is one among many growth hormone brands available today. This is recommended for growth hormone therapy. Among all the available growth hormones this is the cheapest. Growth hormones are also referred by the generic name Somatropin.  Before agreeing for Saizen injection one should know how to get it, what is the dosage, why it is prescribed and when can it be taken.


Merck is the company which manufactures Saizen. This is a injectable growth hormone brand which is suggested for both adults and children who are suffering from growth hormone deficiencies. Using recombinant DNA technologies these type of HGH are produced. The structure of Saizen 2 resembles body produced hormone in the pituitary gland.

Growth hormone also takes an important role in secretion and production of insulin like growth factor-1 or IGF-1. This is a protein hormone. This is very much required for how the growth hormone is used by the body. Along with this it also plays a major role in muscle growth and metabolic functions.

How to use?

There are many ways through which Saizen can be injected along with traditional needle and syringe options. Some of the other options are

One click- there will be an auto injector device which looks like pen. Before an individual takes injection this must be reconstructed and mixed.

Cool click2- this comes with delivery system which is needle free. It contains a spring mechanism. This helps in dispersing HGH through skin. This is available for Saizen 8.8. mg and 5 mg vials.

Easypod- This is an automated delivery device. This comes with a preset dose which is 8.8 mg click.easy cartridges. There will be a needle but it is hidden. Needle will be hidden during, before, and after the injection. This is really helpful for children and can also be good for people who are squeamish with needles.

Side effects:

Side effects of Saizen injections are not experienced by every user. There are few common side effects which can be experienced by users not only from this brand may be by other HGH brand injections as well. Some of them are

  • Hypoglycemia: this is a condition where patient experiences reduced blood sugar levels. Both in case of children and adults this negative effect can be experienced.
  • Edema: this is the condition where patient experience swelling. This may be due to extreme fluid retentions.
  • Hypothyroidism: In this condition there will be reduced level of thyroid hormone.
  • Localized irritation or patients experience reactions in the injection site. In this condition users may experience swelling, numbness, redness, and pain both at moderate and minor level at injection site.

Other than this, users may also experience worsening in pre existing medical conditions like scoliosis and tumor growth. Some may also experience inflammation of pancreas. It is very important to discuss with doctor before starting the injections. One should know adverse reactions, side effects, and severity of Saizen’s use. Users should also think about contradictions and medical conditions in which Saizen should not be used.