Style Statement

Projek Raw Spring Collection 2016: The Denim Experience

You probably have that one pair of jeans that are your favorite. Most likely, those jeans are worn and torn. They have a story, a history, and you never want to part with them.By looking at ProjekRaw’s spring collection for 2016, denim is a major player. While Projek Raw can’t take credit for discovering or inventing the durable yet versatile fabric, they can take credit for new, fresh, and unique looks with one of the world’s most popular material.


Jeans designed by Projek Raw are different: they are trendy. European and every man inspired. ProjekRaw’s designs incorporate the hottest looks found on Europe’s runways.They combine these looks with what customers want: a quality pair of jeans that are just as comfortable as a worn-in pair of jeans.

Denim: Not Just for Jeans…

Denim designs by Projek Raw don’t just stop at jeans.They are also featured in shirts, shorts, and even jackets.Included in the collection are also quality, versatile denim shirts and shorts that will impress, whether customers prefer an urban, street look or a more polished, professional look.


Additionally, denim jeans, jackets, and shorts are available in all different styles, fits and colors. Young urban professionals can change their look by switching up the style and color of their jeans. From regular, slim to skinnystretch jeans, the denim look expresses a choice, a trend, a personality, and a lifestyle that can be dressed up with a pair of boots or dressed down with a pair of sneakers.

The Denim Experience.


With that in mind, and in keeping with the philosophy of trend + customer feedback, Projek Raw created some unique designs that are all about fashion, fit and comfort.Styles crafted with a simplicity that resemble an “old” pair of jeans, but are tailoredwith European inspirations.