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plusstyle weekend inspiration black & white – Inspired by Lyn

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I thought it would be a great idea to let the theme of the week be inspired by an outfit of one of the previous 40+Style’s Style Stars. These are all the fabulous women I have featured in style interviews before.

Every week I will pick an outfit of a 40+ style star and then will select the best looks from Instagram inspired by that outfit from everyone who tagged their looks with the #40plusstyle hashtag.

This week’s inspiration comes from Lyn Slater aka Accidental Icon. I love clothes that are sculptural and have movement and Lyn expressed those aspects of her clothes so beautifully in this photograph. You can find her style interview here.

How do I pick a style star?

Some of you have asked me how I pick each week’s style star.

The answer is simple. If I come across someone whose style inspires me, I will ask her for an interview.

I come across new style bloggers through Instagram (especially through the #40plusstyle hashtag of course), through submissions for a listing on the 40+ bloggers communitypage and through other blogs that I follow.

A requirement to be featured is that you pay attention to your photos. You may have heard that it is better to have a good photo with a mediocre outfit, rather than a great outfit but a mediocre photo. And that is true when it comes to the internet. It’s hard to appreciate an outfit when the photo is poorly lighted, very messy or blurry. No matter how good your style may be, if your photos are not good, I cannot feature you on this site.

So make sure to pay attention to the quality of your photos. It’s usually best to take your photos outside and pay attention to light conditions. It is not necessary to have an expensive camera for a good photo. A photo taken with a smart phone on a clear day can be stunning. You may like to read this article by 40+Style photographer Denton Taylor: how to improve your outfit of the day photos.