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Hot in a pink coat! Or why you should consider a colorful coat this winter

Pink winter coat |

Colder and darker days are approaching for many of you in the Northern hemisphere so coats are becoming part of your every day wardrobe again.

I have often advocated adding a colorful coat to your wardrobe to brighten up the gloomy and dark streets and Lorraine did just that  when she found this coat in a consignment store in New York.pinkwintercoat-6opt

It looks great with the patterned pants and can be worn with the pink top but will look even better with a black or white blouse underneath.

If you wanted to tone down the hot pink a bit you could add a fabulous scraf in black and white.

If hot pink is a bit much for you, try a more subdued color in a pattern or opt for a more muted color. I loved my light gray coat last year which is still a neutral but stands out because it’s so much lighter than all the other coats on the street.

I’m not suggesting you should ditch your dark neutral coats altogether as they are simply too useful, but I guarantee you that you will have a lot more fun (and will brighten up the days of both yourself and others) when you step out in a colorful coat!