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Edgy in black and green

Edgy in black and green |

I love to wear lots of white in warm weather and brighter colors but sometimes I’m just in the mood for a darker and edgier look, especially in the evening.

This is what I wore to Singapore fashion week one of the evenings. It’s quite dark in the tent and Singaporeans tend to wear a lot of black so I blended right in.

GreenAndBlack (5 of 7)opt

It’s a very layered look with lots of asymmetric elements coming in to play.

The skirt itself has an asymmetric insert, while the top layer of the skirt is sheer. This gives the skirt a sexier and edgier feel. You can see the sheer elements really well in the photo below.

GreenAndBlack (4 of 7)opt

I chose to layer the skirt with my super asymmetrical top to emphasize the asymmetry in this look.

I know that many of you would probably prefer this outfit with a ‘normal’ black top, but I had fun with the layers and doing something different. It was fashion week after all!

GreenAndBlack (3 of 7)opt

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Jacket: Cigno Nero
Skirt: Nevada (very old)
Knitted top: Stella Carakasi
Shoes: Ecco (old)