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Shoes inspired by Star Wars – buy of the day

R2D2 heels by Irregular Choice, £195
R2D2 heels by Irregular Choice, £195. Photograph: PR company handout

If you’re unconscionably excited about Star Wars: the Force Awakens – or if you simply harbour a desire to walk on an imperial stormtrooper’s head – this might be just be the fashion launch of the year.

The Death Star boots, £275
The Death Star boots, £275. Photograph: PR company handout

Irregular Choice – a footwear brand unafraid to flirt with novelty, having in the past featured unicorns, Santas and Elvises as high heels – has produced a range inspired by the upcoming lightsabre fest, including flats fashioned after C-3PO’s face and heels incorporating Darth Vader’s helmet.

C-3PO flat shoes, £110
C-3PO shoes, £110. Photograph: PR company handout

The collection ties in nicely to fashion’s ongoing fascination with Han Solo and the gang, and if nothing else will ensure you stand out from the fashion droids this season.

Skywalker shoes, £210
Skywalker shoes, £210. Photograph: PR company handout