Fashion Updates

Autumn trousers: five of the best styles

Yep, they’re back. For real this time, and not just on the catwalks. Just about every high-street shop has them in abundance. From ribbed wool to jersey and super-wide, there’s a huge choice. Our favourite is this jean-trouser hybrid from Weekday.

Five autumn trousers – blue flares by Weekday
Flares, £55, Photograph: Weekday

The tailored trouser

This season, the tailored trouser is slightly cropped – just enough to show a bit of ankle, a sock or the top of your boots. Flattering with heels, too.

Five autumn trousers – khaki tailored cropped by Monki
Tailored, £35, Photograph: Monki

The high waist trouser

The bossiest trouser cut around. Easier to pull off than you might think. They also good with a matching top (of which Zara have plenty). Wear with trainers for maximum laid-back power-woman vibes, a la Céline.

Five autumn trousers – Zara high waist trousers
High-waist trousers, £29.99, Photograph: Zara

The fancy jogger

Fancy in that you won’t ever wear it to to the gym, not because they’re expensive. It’s not a coincidence that the persistence of an elasticated waistband among even the snootiest members of the fashion elite coincided with the seemingly permanent trend for flat shoes. It’s not normcore, it’s exhaustion-core. Life’s stressful enough without having to worry about buttons (and bunions).

Five autumn trousers – tapered joggers by River Island
Elasticated crepe trousers, £35, Photograph: River Island

The bright trouser

The weather might be dull and grey, but your trousers don’t have to be. These trousers, in the shade of 2015’s indisputable overlords, Minion yellow, will make anyone happy.

Five autumn trousers – bright yellow tailored trousers by French Connection
Yellow, £75, Photograph: French Connection