The-Box Wedding Invitation Ideas For Fun-Loving Couples

Wedding invitations are the perfect opportunity to set the tone for your big day. In other words, they don’t need to be boring!

Send the right message with one of the 13 cute and clever options below.

  • 1 Library card invites for the bookworms.
    J Lucas Reyes
  • 2 Boarding passes are perfect for the well-traveled couple.
    Del Sol Photography
  • 3 Or passport-inspired invites for a destination wedding.
    Del Sol Photography
  • 4 A record invitation for rock ‘n roll couples.
  • 5 An invitation that recaps the couple’s love story.
    Once Upon
  • 6 A Monopoly invite for the board game-obsessed.
  • 7 Foodie invitations so cute, you’ll want to kiss the cook.
  • 8 You’d be bananas not to like this Bananagrams invite.
  • 9 Pokémon cards for Pikachu-loving pairs.
    Nicole Payzant | Alex and Kaitlin Rawding
  • 10 Zombies are always a ~killer~ option.
    Helena and Laurent Photography
  • 11 A ‘Dr. Who’ TARDIS invite for the Whovians.
  • 12 A fortune teller for those who fancy something whimsical.
    Josh Lasko Photography
  • 13 And a straight-forward invitation that gets right to the point.

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