The Concept 2 Indoor Rower Model D Review

The Concept 2 rower model D is the best selling indoor rowing machine because of its dependable performance. It has the capability of delivering the best cardiovascular workout among any other rowing machines. This is strongly built rowing machine capable enough to deliver for many years. From easy set up to convenient storage and delivering best results during workout have now become the major qualities of this machine. This machine is equipped with various advanced features and PM5 performance monitor is also best suited in this rowing machine. The flywheel design, adjustable footrests with minimum noise and delivering best results are some of the features of this machine. We will try to elaborate the features of this Model D indoor rowing machine in detail for better understanding of this rowing machine reviews.

Features and Functionalities of the Concept 2 Indoor Rower Model D

  • The dimensions of this rowing machine are 96*24*14 inches with 57 lbs of weight.
  • The small and compact design gives indoor workout with full ease and best results.
  • The flywheel design will help in minimizing the sound and maximizing the smooth feel.
  • This rowing machine includes PM5 monitor with great performance and accurate data for every workout.
  • The monitor arm is adjustable.
  • It can be easily separated for convenient storage and the wheels will help in smooth transportation.
  • The seat is adjustable to 14 inches with nickel plated chain.
  • The footrest and handle are easily adjustable.
  • Stainless steel track.
  • The damper is also easily adjustable with 1 to 10 settings option
  • Best for indoor workout.
  • Price under $1000.
  • The assembling of this machine is very easy using tools and instructions in the manual.

The Concept 2 Indoor Rower Model D Review

The Model D is one of the best selling rowing machine and highly appreciated by the professional rowers as well because of the great performance that it delivers. It provides you with everything for the best workout at home. It is standard for indoor rowing competitions and many other purposes.

The PM 5 monitor is something that is mostly preferred by the rowers because of its true results and easy tracking of everything like heart rate, speed, distance, and many more. The adjustable monitor also gives flexibility while rowing. The professional rowers look for the best monitor and this rowing machine thus becomes best suitable for them.

We don’t think that price can be an issue for the fitness freaks as it is under $100 and also includes the best possible features in it which makes it real worthy for any rower. It was reported that after folding the machine is still quite long but this is negotiable if you are looking for quality performances.

The Good

The best thing in this rowing machine is its performance monitor capable of delivering more than required in any such machines. Then it long lasting built and easy assembling also gives it strength if compared to other machines of the same kind. The comfort ability and great resistance are also some of the advantages of this rowing machine. Soon you start your workout the screen will turn on and illuminates as well.

The Bad

Till now no major negative qualities are found in this machine which can change the mind of any professional rower or any other individual. But certain things like its long size after folding makes it inconvenient to store in small spaces. And because of the air resistance it tends to be noisy sometimes as well. Although it is high priced rowing machine but in general it is real value for money if you are familiar with the features and other things of rowing machines.

Final Verdict

This Model D rowing machine will never disappoint its customers if they are looking for high standard machine, with fairly positive reviews and customers and tested positively. You will certainly lose your fat on regular basis if you will do workout daily on this machine. After using this product at home you will realise that you have spend great value for this product. The best fitness experts will generally give 9 out of 10 to this machine.

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