Viable brand options in boxers for men – look and feel like gentlemen

Usual boxers which you buy from the local stores may not last longer and can pose some comfort level threats when you need it the most. At a local level, you can easily find a number of brands and underwear manufacturers that can boast of offering you the pure cotton material and these boxers for men often come at lower price. However, for those people who want to have some pricey options in mind and are willing to invest some more bucks will definitely need to think about all the viable options which are available either online or in the local brick and mortar shops. Yes, this is what we can call as the branded underwear that will last longer, offer excellent fabrics and provide you a greater extent of comfort.

Popular brands of boxers for men


This can be classified as a product from the known name Revolution Wear which often boasts for offering boxers for a specific class of people that are active in nature. These boxers when launched, were priced at hundreds of dollars however, with change in time, the price has reduced to an affordable level, which may start from even less than the half of the above quoted cost. The manufacturer always keeps their website updated about the latest changes and modifications made to these underwear clothes. These boxers are extremely fine, comfortable and provide a great support. The greatest merit of this product is the power of absorbing moisture around the genitals which may attract some people to invest.

Clavin Klein

This brand is not only popular in the North America regions but they are also earning reputation in all around the world because it has been a classic manufacturer. The products manufactured by the company have been loved by masses since 90s. If you are looking for some boxers for men that offer consistency in quality and comfort, you can certainly go for it all the time because it has expanded its domain in the Asian market as well and serves as a strong contender.


When it comes to the luxury and enhanced comfort level, none of the underwear products match its quality. Zimmerli boxers can range somewhat between $50 and $100 so that gentlemen can easily afford this. So, you can definitely give it a try if you want something new for testing purpose.

Swiss Hanro

In the premium segments of boxers for men, you can easily get on to the brands that have strongholds in countries which are known for their status and value. Yes, Swiss brands have a trend of offering everything and anything which can cost more than you ever have expected however, in the field of underwear industry, Hanro is a reputed manufacturer that produces boxers which are known for premium designs, utmost comfort and great fit. The material and fabric of the boxer is chosen in such a way that it ensures that it provides all kind of consistent support and quality which you look for.


One of the largest and well-known boxer manufacturers, the British Sunspel is something which you will definitely prefer to have when it comes to the support, comfort and snug fit which it really offers. It has been recommended by several industry experts not because it is being produced since 19th century rather because of the fact that it has survived the cut-throat competition in the market. The top benefits of such boxers are the luxury, comfort level and of course, the brand value which does not compromise with the quality and fitness along with the lightweight material it provides to the consumers.


Owing to the latest competition which the boxer industry is facing today, you can easily go for a brand like Saxx that has been offering quality underwear for a long time. Yes, the biggest sale point for this company has been the comfort level and the support boxers for men offer to the genitals which has further increased the credibility for gentlemen.


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