How to Pull Off the Slip-on Sneaker Trend

Slip-on sneakers are the latest in a long line of normcore fashion trends to hit popular status. First it was trainers, then it was wearing exercise clothing without actually exercising, and now… it’s slip-on sneakers.


We’re not talking about those slip-on sneakers your mum made you wear in kindergarten. No sir! This year, slip-on sneakers got a makeover. High-end brands such as Celine, DKNY, Opening Ceremony and Saint Laurent have guided these humble sneakers on their journey from the school yard to the runway. The new and improved slip-ons come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials including leather, snakeskin and haircalf.


There is more than one way to wear a slip-on sneaker. If you slept through your alarm again and you’re looking for a surefire way to look good in a hurry, pair them with cropped trousers and a boxy top or jacket. Très magnifique! 


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