Fashion’s Future Is Now With These Wearable Tech Brands

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When you hear the words modern fashion, you would probably think of the typical hip hop shoes most young people are wearing. Partly, you get the best example; however, the word modern is also synonymous with technology. When it comes to fashion, it seems impossible to incorporate technology and art.

The nearest idea we can get is related to wearable gadgets that have already become part of our life for many generations. Examples of these wearable gadgets and devices are smart watches and multipurpose belts. Still, these are far from being fashionable, and will never become the future of fashion.

Today, we will show you how tech is integrating with fashion with these wearable tech brands.

Seven Wearable Tech Brands

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  1. Modern Meadow

This isn’t a type of clothing design or another gadget that can be attached to clothes as Modern Meadow is a new kind of material. For generations, we were accustomed to leather, linen, cotton, silk and nylon.

This time, it’s Modern Meadow. This is a company that will be known for its new material, which is a synthetic grown leather. How can you grow leather?

It’s now possible through science and technology and it’s redefining the fashion industry.

  1. Spiber

Spiber is a new type of jacket that resembles what Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin wore when they landed on the moon.

This jacket is designed by a Japan-based company The North face. The company called this prototype jacket the “Moon Parka.”

  1. Spider Silk by Bolt Threads

Bolt Threads is a San Francisco-based company that manufactures textile materials. The company is currently working on a new kind of material, which can become the future of fashion and textile industry.

This new material is called spider silk because the company will manufacture silk using spider silk which you can literally see in a spider web.

  1. VFiles and XO

VFiles and XO are two fashion design companies that are collaborating with each other in launching a new kind of cap and rucksack that change in colors and pattern according to music being played. This is also possible using an app.

  1. Comfort Shoes by Thesis Couture

For women, high heels have never been comfortable. Wearing them is good only for fashion purposes; nonetheless, Thesis Couture is working on a project to create high heels that are comfortable.

Dolly Singh, founder of Thesis Couture, has sought the expertise of mechanical engineers, surgeons, scientists, and expert shoemakers to come up with an ergonomic design for high heels.

  1. Zenta

Zenta is a wearable gadget as it’s a wrist watch. However, this is not just an ordinary smartwatch we can see in the market.

Aside from its being fashionable, it’s even smarter than smart phones as it can be used to track your mood, emotions, stress levels, breathing patterns, mental conditions, and overall health.

  1. Smart Coat by Emel and Aris

This smart coat designed by Emel and Aris is like any other ordinary coat Hvor kan man få en god Casino bonus?. It can be designed depending upon the fashion sense of a designer. However, what is significant about this coat is its function.

When you wear it, it doesn’t only protect you from cold weather, but also produces heat that can improve blood circulation.


The future of fashion is actually difficult to predict as fashion trends are also volatile and unpredictable. On the other hand, we can easily determine what the future of technology may look like.

Perhaps, technology is becoming more influential in setting a series of new fashion trends. The above wearable tech brands may just be the beginning.

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