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All the way from Lagos, Nigeria, comes this year’s latest fashion trend – Ankara prints. A traditional African style that’s now making waves on the runway- this style is everywhere.  The bold fabric prints can suit a variety of skin tones and body types and can be fashioned in many ways to suit different people.

The best part of this design is that it is not limited by gender. Both men and women can work these prints, in very different ways.

Ankara for men:

A lot of options come from using this design in different ways to recreate modern men’s fashion wear. From a casual street style that can be paired with jeans, shorts, dungarees or any other pants to an entire suit made of this print; its main advantage lies in its versatility.

To wear this design with jeans or shorts, either a t-shirt or a shirt with some minimal prints add the touch of aesthetic appeal to the outfit. Another style is to opt for a full Ankara t-shirt with Bermuda shorts paired with loafers or a shirt with cut-off pants that compliment the hues of the shirt. This look can be paired with loafers or flip-flops.

A full Ankara suit or an Ankara-inspired suit can be worn with a plain black or white vest for visual relief from the prints. Don’t be scared to go for bold colours or prints because that is the spirit of this trend.


Ankara for women:

The beauty of Ankara for women is that it can work as a top, as a bottom or as both!

For a semi-formal look, pair some sober Ankara pants with a white blazer and put your hair up. This look is perfect for an office party or dinner and drinks with your colleagues.

To make this style even more your own, experiment with the colours that you use and the styles that you wear. There are beautiful cocktail dresses and maxi skirts in this print that are elegant and classy and manage to remain unique due to their distinct design.

For a dash of authenticity, pair your Ankara-styled clothing with a headdress. This comes in handy especially when you’re having a bad hair day! The print on this clothing is so bold and unique that there is no fear of someone wearing the same outfit. You can tailor this material to form a t-shirt, top, suit, skirt, pants or accessories to add that extra oomph to your everyday outfits.


Wedding Ankara:

Its colours and pomp characterise an Indian wedding, and the Ankara print is an embodiment of that. Discard those old sarees and lehengas and try out an Ankara inspired dress or create your own outfit by playing around with the latest prints.

Catch up with this fashion online by looking through some of the latest men’s fashion wear and women’s fashion on online shopping sites such as abof.

Whether you choose to like it or love it, this fabric has been around for a while and is showing no signs of disappearing for the next few years.

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