Why Renting a Private Jet is Better Than Owning One

Owning a private jet can add up to monumental costs – of storing the jet, of maintenance and fuel costs; among other things to worry about. If your business does involve a lot of travel, and flying is the easiest way to get to your destination – but commercial flights are inconvenient; then flying via a private carrier is probably your best choice. However, owning a private jet is financially draining; which leaves you with the other option of renting a plane or jet.

Even the concept of partial ownership can be problematic – considering the fact that the jet might not be close to you, you’ll still have to pay for maintenance, restoration and fuel costs; and you’ll be paying for empty seats if you happen to fly on your own. Partial ownership can also turn out to be problematic, especially if you happen to share the plane with someone else who happens to require it at the same time. Partial ownership calls for unnecessary planning days, or even weeks, ahead; whereas if you rent a private aircraft, you can simply call a few hours in advance – and it is hassle-free.

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Renting an aircraft is the most economically viable option – and you still get the luxuries of flying in a private, chartered aircraft to any location you need to go. Renting an aircraft is also more convenient – by simply calling ahead, you’ll be able to fly anywhere – and you avoid unnecessary costs like maintenance or for unnecessary flight crew.

Another benefit of flying by private jet is that private jets are able to land at more airports than commercial airlines – which means that if commercial flights are cancelled due to weather conditions, private jets may still be allowed to fly, to different airports in the same area.

Private jets are held to higher standards than commercial airlines – which means that the pilots are very well-trained, along with the flight crew; and safety measures are just as, if not more, important than safety measures on commercial airlines.

Private jets fly faster than commercial airlines as well; which means that chartering a jet is a faster, and more viable option than booking a commercial flight – and you won’t have to worry about delays or cancellations either.

By contacting a company that allows you to rent out private aircrafts, like Florida Jet Charter, and by giving them your itinerary, you’ll be able to focus on your work (or your trip) without worrying about the flight or the journey.

Florida Jet Charter is an aircraft rental service that provides you with the best of pilots and flight crew, along with the best of aircrafts for your journey. Be it a domestic or international flight, Florida Jet Charter makes sure that you’re comfortable in flight, and provide a host of amenities and benefits on flight, to make your journey as luxurious as possible, while still having competitive ratings. Florida Jet Charter is an efficient service that is willing to provide top-notch service to anyone who calls, and makes sure you arrive at your destination on time and in style.

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