Significance of Perl 101, Python Deep Dive and F sharp Training courses

Perl programming language is the flexible and general purpose programming language. This programming language is easy to understand by the learners.

What the course is about?

This course is designed for the beginners and the mid-level programmers those who want to learn the Perl language. This course will provide the entire knowledge about the Perl programming and its concepts. This will enable the participants to develop their experience to automate system tasks through hands-on training.

The Perl 101 Classes will make the candidates a proficient programmer in the Perl language. At the end of this course, the candidates can able to work in the Perl language efficiently.

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The course objectives

  • After the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to
  • Perform operations on scalar values
  • Import existing modules into the Perl script
  • Create and use file handles to read and write the files directly
  • Use Perl utilities such as the split, join, index and substr
  • Process and control the file systems within the Perl script
  • Create format statements to make the output in a formatted way

Who can take this course?

This course is suitable for the following professionals,

  • System administrators
  • Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Web Developers

About the Python Deep Dive Training

This Python Deep Dive course will teach the participants about all the programming tools, distributed modules, database access, GUI programming, extending Python and much about the Python language. This course is designed for mid-level Python programmers that would like to learn more about the Python language and its object-oriented features and Meta programming.

Who can take this course?

This course can be done by the,

  • Python programmers
  • Programmers
  • IT Professionals
  • Developers

The Benefits of learning the course

  • Candidates can work on the features like Meta programming, GUI and networking programming
  • They can able to create eminent GUI with python
  • They can understand How to connect to databases and fetch data from records
  • They can write crispier and scalable code using the advanced and new features of Python

About the F sharp training

The F# language is a cross-platform language. The F sharp training course is aimed to cater the basics of F sharp to the learners. This course is designed for the people that have a little or no knowledge in programming. The candidates can craft dynamic web applications and sites with Suave.

This course introduces the programming in F sharp. The participants can be able to run F sharp in an attractive environment. They can understand how values and functions work in F#. They can able to generate the procedural images in F sharp. The candidates will learn how to use the ReactJS and Redux to create usable front end apps.

Who can take this course?

This course can be done by,

  • Developers who want to learn a functional programming language
  • People that want to understand what functional programming can do
  • Programmers those who want to learn F sharp
  • Professionals those who want to work with cross-platform applications

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