Score Better in Chemistry in IIT JEE

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about  achieving it and staying with that plan.”

When you think of IIT JEE, certainly chemistry would be the soft to crack the nut and excel your rank. Chemistry is the subject which majority of students find difficult to master. Unlike physics and mathematics, it requires a lot of remembering.But,Chemistry is one such subject which can assure you guaranteed marks in IIT JEE if you have prepared well. Most of the topics in chemistry are not very much twisted and get tested directly.

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Here’s a step to step guide on how to prepare for Chemistry

Scoring in Chemistry is more about planning than about application and understanding of concepts.

Certain topics like organic chemistry are pretty much like mathematics and physics as far as IIT JEE is concerned as it relies on testing of concepts and questions are always framed considering multiple concepts together. Unlike organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry is directly opposite as all questions asked are always direct and do not need much application. Topics like stoichiometry are always difficult to handle and need lot of in depth knowledge about reactions and mole concept.

Here are a few things, which I followed for studying chemistry :

1. Physical Chemistry :Physical Chemistry requires a good understanding of concepts. Try to understand all the formulae used in physical chemistry, instead of just applying them blindly, as a particular formula may not be applicable to the question. (Example, instead of a dilute solution, the given solution may be concentrated, making most formulae invalid, in that case understanding of the basic principles will help.) Try to solve various types of problems for perfection in physical chemistry, but don’t try to solve various books, as problems tend to repeat a lot among books. Just pick one good book, and stick to it.

Topics covered under Physical chemistry are :

• Basic Concepts

• Mole Concept

•Redox Reactions

• Stoichiometry

• Gaseous and Liquid states

• Atomic structure

• Chemical Bonding

• Chemical Energetics

• Chemical Equilibrium

• Ionic Equilibrium

• Electrochemistry

• Chemical Kinetics

• Solid State

• States of Matter

• Solutions & collegative properties

• Surface Chemistry

2. Organic Chemistry :To score well in Organic Chemistry, you must be comfortable with the initial chapters of organic chemistry i.e. inductive and resonance effects, stability of carbocations etc. as these are referenced in almost all further chapters in organic chemistry. Organic chemistry requires both understanding and some remembering reactions. Make sure that you know all the major reactions, their mechanisms (at least for those in NCERT books) and effect of external factors on the reaction, if applicable.

Topics covered under IIT JEE Organic chemistry are :-

• Basic Concepts

• Nomenclature

• Isomerism

• Reaction Mechanism

• Saturated hydrocarbons

• Alkenes and alkynes

• Reactions of benzene

• Aromatic compounds

• Alkyl halides Alcohols and ethers

• Aldehydes and Ketones

• Carboxylic acid and their derivatives

• Amines

• Carbohydrates, amino acids and peptides.

• Uses of some important polymers.

3. Inorganic Chemistry :Inorganic Chemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with the chemical changes in most primitive manner. It is not mathematical in nature and deals in elemental form of nature. The Mendeleev’s Periodic Table becomes the basis of study as we divide the elements according to their groups and then study them. These groups are regrouped as s-block, p-block, d-block and f-block elements. In these p-block is not the bulkiest but also the most important part. The order of importance is followed by s-block elements. The chapter of Coordination Compounds is also important from the scoring point of view. The other chapters of Analytical Chemistry and Extraction of Elements also fetch few questions which are direct in nature.

Perfection is not only the concept mastery but it is consolidation also. Perfection roust be measured in terms of good performance. A holistic approach is required for the subject. A simple and independent strategy can help to achieve that in chemistry. Primarily, instead of segregating physical, organic and inorganic one should segregate a group of chapters which are consist of the fundamentals of whole chemistry, which have lots of connection in other chapters and which greatly influence the understanding of other chapters also.

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