How to Manage Fashion and Finance Together

Girls in their teens or in their 20’s rack up thousands of dollars from their credit card on dining out, watching movies, shopping for shoes, dresses and accessories- well these are some of their careless stupidities. While some of these are compensated from the monthly extras the others lead you into debt! And, at the end of the month, you receive your credit card statement stating that you owe this in arrear to your card company

Well, eliminating your temptations from life also has a great impact on your finance. But as a fashion freak, you cannot just go on spending on your unnecessary desires and wants. Often the luxuries lead to high expenses which aren’t affordable even by the richest people. You need to realize that spending and shopping go together and how you do it, afford it or save for it is up to you!

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The moment your credit card reaches the limit, you start paying attention on the bills and take back seat for shopping. But doesn’t it get a little late to realize? And then comes the next month and you are again up to purchase Lady Gaga tickets, Tarina Tarantino necklace, purse from Alice & Isa and few outings with friends and all of a sudden your monthly progress of stopping worthless expenses and eliminating debt of previous month goes waste.

While thinking from a fashion blogger perspective, there are things which give rise to your shopping addiction like enhance need of consumption, competitiveness to purchase more and keep up with your other fashion friends. Yes, it is something that people make out silently in public. Does that friend of mine have bought a new purse? How could she afford it? And then in order to keep up with the attitude and standard, you have two options

  • Buy it for yourself
  • Or make a fool of yourself in front of your friend

The act of buying is so crucial when it comes about addiction and standard that you wonder how to keep it up- there are lot of people who are ready to go deep in debt even if they don’t have sufficient funds for it. The fact is that the craving to purchase, to stay stylish and to support your style statement and allow it to develop over time has a price, but how high is the price, you just have to decide.

What could save you from this long piling of debt??? well, it is the right attitude towards shopping. You should only purchase the necessities and variable expenses, if you really wish to get out of debt soon. Going for credit card debt consolidation loan could also be of help in lowering down your interest rates and adding some extension to your payment duration.

So, be a rational shopper and try to shop within your limits. Spending out of limit is not advisable for anyone. Click here if you wish to know all about credit card debt consolidation and tips to control your credit card expenses.

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