Has your Fashion Addiction Burnt your Credit Card

With latest styles and fashion continuously making it to the catwalks across the world, it gets very easy to depend on your credit card and snap up for latest clothing line of the season. But has your fashion addiction strained your finances? Well, as per a survey, the maximum credit card debt of a woman is basically because of fashion shopping addiction.

So are the fashion aficionados of the world more savvy with their purchases or are shopping from overseas retailers or have they taken up the online shopping on spur! Studies from IBIS World reveals that fashion lovers are switching to the fast changing fashion trends which in turn encourage overseas as well as online spending!

Though the fast fashion business world is constantly releasing the affordable fashion to meet the up for the minute desire of the fashion lovers, but have they really succeeded in it?

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Is this fast fashion cheaper in any way?

Can you say that fast fashion is the simple solution for individuals to meet their desires of on-trend clothing without agonizing their credit cards? The answer to this would be yes as well as no! if you’re purchasing stuff which will get off-trend in the coming season, then there is no point spending hundreds of dollars on it.

But when you talk about classics, like knitwear, boots, denim jeans, sometimes it is advisable to pay more for quality. Over time, you’ll get more from these items. Regardless of these facts, what’s sure is that current credit card debt isn’t a laughing matter. And you need to manage the fashion splurge in a better way to keep you credit card debt lowest!

Go for end of season sales

Well, if you are in dire need of some comfy yet smart dresses or working shows. Do not skip the end of season sales. They are a perfect chance to grab the much needed stuffs for a slashed price and you’ll have something trendy at a lower price.

Go for the block shades

If you love to shop with latest changing trends, but you’re seriously tensed about the rising credit card interest, then this tip is for you.

Block colors are very easy to pair with one another in comparison to prints. This means you need to purchase fewer things, but still enjoy different looks from it.

Keep an eye on your credit

Lastly, ensure that you know how to handle your credit card

It may be advisable to go for a credit card comparison and opt for a new one. This means you can transfer our complete credit card balance and enjoy 0% interest for 6, 14, 16 or 18 months. But keep one thing in mind, once the period ends; you’ll be weighed with a hefty interest. You can also go for credit card debt help and get assistance to effective management of your credit card from a credit card consolidation company.

Make sure whatever strategy you opt for, it should be perfect for your condition.

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