Fitness Fans Will Freak Over Adriana Lima’s On-Set Mannequin Challenge

Image result for Fitness Fans Will Freak Over Adriana Lima's On-Set Mannequin ChallengeThe mannequin challenge is the latest viral craze to take over the internet, from weddings to the delivery room — and if you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, even on set. At least that’s what Adriana Lima did during a recent VS Sport shoot with her fellow Brazilian Angel Lais Ribeiro.

Letting her inner boxing enthusiast shine, Adriana picked a mid-punch moment to hold, while Lais stands her ground, and the entire crew is frozen at their mark as if they were getting ready to film the gorgeous active wear IRL. Press play above to see what might be the most glamorous challenge video ever, then admire Adriana’s abilities on the ring.

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