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Cyberattacks encapsulated the world with a fear and it is the time that we individuals take every necessary step to protect ourselves from the potential threats moving like a lion in the digital world. Motivations behind cyberattacks are driven by cybercrime, hacktivism, cyber espionage, and cyber warfare. Hackers can attack a system or a network of computers using various attack vectors such as Malware, DDoS, Clickjacking, DNS Hijacking, Barix box hijacking, Defacement and to name a few.
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As the threat wings are spreading far and wide, individuals ought to know about the fundamentals of cyber security and the organizations should adopt a sophisticated cyber hygiene which make close to impossible to get into their digital network. Cyware – one of the most unique cyber awareness platforms is built to spread the knowledge of cyber space by sharing the real-time expertly curated cyber security updates. A timely awareness always helps us to protect our network and take all essential steps to prevent the attack. For a common person, it is close to impossible to read all the news, journals, white papers and research papers uploaded on the internet. At Cyware, the elite team of professionals scan hundreds and thousands of articles published on internet to pick the pearls of real worth and curate the news in the form of cards and deliver to the readers.

The Cyware mobile app is not just built for individuals, but this platform is also made for cyber security professionals, ethical hackers, and for enterprise to ramp up their organizational security posture. Every organization has hundreds of computers. For instance, imagine a situation where an employee of your organization downloaded an infected attachment, which damages the entire network and steals the confidential data. It is a nightmare for an organization to know that its data has been compromised. What if the employee is aware of the potential threat, he would’ve never downloaded that file and the network would be safe. The Cyware mobile app is built to spread this cyber situational awareness, which help individuals as well as organizations to access a safe cyber space.

The world witnesses sophisticated attacks everyday which makes it difficult for machines to detect. For a cyber security professional, it is highly essential to keep track of new malwares and viruses exploiting the computer networks. Having a personal assistant that keeps them updated with all latest expertly curated news acts as a boon. Cyware, with its unique Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) strategy allows the professionals to identify various threat vectors and understand the threat elements present in the cyber space.

Powered by the IBM’s Watson technology, the Cyware mobile app delivers what you need. If you are a general internet user, we present the news related to breaches and attacks, emerging threats, and the new cyber technologies invented to tackle the attacks. If you are an ethical hacker and cyber security professional, Cyware has different niches such as Malware and Vulnerabilities, The Hacker Tools, Strategy and Planning, Laws,Cyber Policy and Regulations, and trends, reports and analysis to keep you engaging. Download the Cyware app today and be cyber aware.


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