3 Muscle Loss Myths You Must Know

It does not matter whether you want to gain muscle mass or not, but one thing is for sure that you will never be interested in losing muscles. Muscle loss is something, which will make fat loss a difficult job for you. If you are consuming less than you require, you may be on the verge of losing muscles. You will have constant fear that reducing calories will end up losing muscles. If you are searching for this information, then you have landed on the right article. Strength training or weight training has ability to improve muscular strength.

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Muscle loss myth 1: you must eat protein every 2-3 hours

What matters is how much protein you consume in a day. How frequently you are eating protein is not that important? If you are interested in gaining muscle mass and consuming 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight, you will be fine. You will not face muscle loss if you consume this amount of protein throughout the day. It is up to you whether you consume it in three meals or six meals. The important thing is that you need to consume the required amount of protein consistently.  In case, you cannot follow your diet regime for one or two days, do not panic about it. This will not make you lose muscle.

Muscle loss myth 2: a week of rest will cause you lose muscle mass

Beginners in bodybuilding think that if you take a rest period of a week or more, it will cause you lose muscle mass. On the other hand, experts advise to skip weight training for a week after every two weeks. This will give your body much needed rest. This will give enough time to your central nervous system to recharge itself after resting properly. A week off from the gymnasium will not cause any problem. Taking a month rest or longer is something that you need to take care of. Even if you take this much of rest some problem, it will be a lot easier to rebuild your muscles, which you have lost during the rest period.

Muscle loss myth 3: restricting calories will cause muscle loss

This is not true because if you are doing weight training and eating the right amount of protein, you will not lose muscle. I cannot understand why people are concerned about such things. You are consuming the required amount of calories; you are simply restricting yourself not to eat much. How this can create a problem. In case you have fat percentage in your body, then your body will burn fat at times of need. Muscle tissue is the last thing, which your body will use as energy. Your body has stored fat for difficult times and it will use the same fat for energy Uudet lukuisat nettikasinot ilahduttavat pelaajia ja pelien ystäviä .

Along with the right diet, you are supposed to do certain exercises, which can enhance the stamina. Resistance training has ability to improve muscular strength. As a beginner, you need to discuss everything with your fitness instructor rather than on believing bodybuilding myths.

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