Top 10 Reasons People Seek Massage Therapy

Haven’t we all had days when all we needed was a therapeutic massage to rejuvenate our tired selves? Well, as amazing as it feels, massage also provides relief for a multitude of health concerns. Therapeutic massages help relieve tension, reduce muscular pain, relieve lower back pain, lower depression and work well for sleep disorders, blood pressure fluctuation and numerous other issues.

As recorded by experts, stress is responsible for 90% of illnesses and hence to treat yourself to a therapeutic massage is a stress reliever, and also your prevention against a plethora of diseases.

While people may want to get the massage done for various purposes, some top reasons they seek a massage therapy are:

  1. Stress

Massage lowers blood pressure and reduces muscle tension thus providing relief from the overwhelmed and overworked feeling of being spaced-out. Massages are also known to increase mental alertness and provide mental clarity thus helping with better ability to focus and perform with excellence in academics or on the work front.

  1. Pain Relief

Massages help ease muscle soreness and provide significant relief with back pain, migraine, joint aches, or other sprained or overworked muscles. It helps loosen any strained muscles for a pain free body.

  1. Combating age

Massage not only eases  muscle aches and stiffness but also helps improve body functions and immunity while also increasing joint flexibility. It also accommodates better blood circulation thus reversing and combating relevant signs of aging.

  1. Calming emotions

Massage therapy is known to uplift your mood, increase self esteem, decrease feeling of low self worth and depression, reduces symptoms of insomnia as well as anxiety. It also helps ease symptoms of PMS and hence is used as an alternative therapy by a number of people.

  1. Accelerated Healing

A therapeutic massage helps speed muscle, tissue or skin healing. Hence, massages are often used to ease muscle soreness for sportspersons or post-workout.

  1. Increased Mobility

While massages are a perfect resort for those  who are fitness conscious and workout regularly, they are also a great pre/post workout or post surgery option to help ease joints and increase flexibility as well as improve motor skills for better mobility. Massages are also seen to improve the reflex action response time in people.

  1. Massage feels great

With the intrinsic relaxation attained, massages are a wonderful experience for physical as well as mental well being.

  1. Eliminating built up toxins

Massaging help stimulate skin cells and also flush away any toxins or waste products from your skin, tissues or muscles. This helps refresh your digestive system and treats digestive disorders like constipation, intestinal gas and spastic colon.

  1. Improving and maintaining skin complexion

Stimulating the skin gland production, massages help attain a clear, even, and healthy skin tone. Massages also help improve overall skin condition by reducing superficial scar tissue.

  1. Optimizing health

Massage therapies are an overall health investment that help optimize and maintain your health.

Massages are undoubtedly a luxurious way to relax but furthermore they are a key secret to feeling younger, looking better and living healthier.

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