The Best Fashion Lessons One can learn from Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is making a big impression in the fashion world in recent times, having now become a full-fledged style icon.

The young star has maintained a sophisticated look as she is fast establishing herself as a high-fashion catwalk model with her enhanced style. She can even pull off cool street-style looks and fantastic red carpet gowns. Kendall rocks every outfit and can pull off any attire perfectly.

Having found success as a ramp model, on social media, television star, and also as a businesswoman, Jenner’s fashion trends are actually the most inspiring.

Here are some fashion trends that are now part of the model:

  • Her approach to dressing is quite matured, since she has given up prom-style frocks for dresses that amp up her trim figure. A toned body needs clothes that showcase it, just like Kendall does.
  • With regards to hemlines, Kendall is keen to experiment and don a mini or an asymmetric frock, letting her accessories make a fashion statement.Kendall loves bright colors and has a wardrobe full of colors including the emerald green gown and the famous bold blue suit that have both become sensations.
  • Kendall Jenner owns multiple totes and clutches along with frames that she pairs efficiently with her attire. She has mastered the elusive art of dressing down, as she can  wear skinny jeans or gym leggings, getting it right all the time.

Kendall’s fashion evolution has been perfect and one can learn some lessons that will help inspire your own sartorial choices:

  1. A little white dress can make an impression just as the black one: Kendall has made a strong case for the little white dress to make an impression on more than one occasion.
  1. Expensive is not always great and gorgeous: She has repeatedly proven that she is not brand-crazy and that one can wear any simple dress to look like a million bucks, despite the fact that she can splurge on any brand she wants.
  1. Always wear that can keep you in your boss’ good books: Kendall has been smart about her fashion choices. At her first Cannes Film Festival visit, Kendall wore a black-and-white dress that was part of the incredible Chanel 2014 collection. She had earlier worked for the French design house and continued to make a good impression on her boss, Karl Lagerfeld.
  1. Kendall carries Double-Stick Tape so that she can get her dress to work, despite some problems like she did to mend her slit dress by Fausto Puglisi. So carry double-sided tape in your bag for last minute mending.
  1. A leather dress is something that Kendall could pull of and always relied on it as a fashion statement. With leather, any girl can pull of stunning looks since it is always in fashion trends, and one of the safest bets when you are quizzical about your attire.
  1. Kendall also keeps people guessing about her next dress. The ability to surprise despite being in media eye constantly is an art in itself. It is the element of surprise that makes people swoon especially when it is related to personal style.
  1. Kendall opts for black hosiery for most of her garments, since she can pull that off on any dress. A point to be noted by girls all over, black hosiery is something that goes with most fashion black-jack trends.


Even though Kendall Jenner is just about 21, she has inspired legions of fans across the world to define fashion by comfort. Her ability to surprise the media and her choices that blend in different styles also inspires many to wear something that augurs well for their own bodies.

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