Groom wows bride with special star-studded wedding

A new bride was given a very special surprise when some of her favourite celebs lined up to pass on their congratulations for her special day.

Her groom spent months before they tied the knot writing letters to the stars, hoping to convince them to record video messages to help him wow his new wife.

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, Game of Thrones actor Ian McElhinney and Mastermind host John Humphrys all gamely agreed to be part of the surprise.

Dundee-based Craig Moss, aged 40, then edited the clips together to present to his bride Ruth at their reception in Edinburgh.I got the idea quite late and it meant I had around a three-month window to get it all sorted.I came up with an initial list of celebs that meant something to Ruth and then set myself the goal of writing two letters a day.I would hand-write them and then send them off in the post and each one would be personalised.

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